Lunes, Hunyo 18, 2018

Audio Technica ATH-DSRBT Wireless Headphone Review

Sound Quality

The advanced technology employed in this headset produces quality sound. Its engineering design in creating music is modernistic, which you can’t find in any other headsets on the market. The drivers, chipset, and luxury memory-foam ear pads components are killer features of this headset. Its acoustic resistor and sound control are exceptional. It minimizes resonance and transient response for smooth, natural, and well-balanced audio.

Design and Build

This over-ear headset is comfortable to wear for those people who love to combine technology and fashion. The design is modernistic but respectful of the traditional over-ear headphones. It brings back a nostalgic style, yet keeps you abreast with this millenia’s art and design.
This headphone is easy to use with its touch controls for music playback, volume switch, managing calls.

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