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What is the difference between Noise-Cancelling and Noise-isolating Headphones?

Noise-Cancelling vs Sound-Isolating Earbuds: What’s the Difference and Which is Better?

What Are The Different Types Of Headphones?

Here we go over the different types of wireless headphones and the group of audience who may find it the most appealing.

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Why Your Wireless Headphones Keep Losing Signal Connection

Is your wireless headphone about to lose its end? Not necessarily, in fact, there are factors why your wireless headphones keep losing signal connection.

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Wireless Headphones Perks, Limitations and also Popular Brands

We all make use of headphones for songs, calling etc. Some of us use them far more than others. In straightforward terms, an earphone is a listening gadget with a stereo speaker system that can be used over the head. It contains an electro-acoustic transducer to convert electrical signals right into sounds. They are also called headsets or stereo-phones. They could additionally be combined with a microphone which transforms audio to an electric signal and also could be utilized for corresponding or recording.

A cordless earphone is an earphone that doesn't require any kind of cords, wires or cable to make use of. They typically have a sending system which is likewise called as a base system. The audio tool is linked to the base unit as well as the noise is transmitted from base device to headphone making use of radio waves or infrared rays. The transmitter produces the wave and also earphones get the wave as well as transform the wave right into sound which we hear from the headset. Both the headphone and transmitter job on batteries.

Advantages of Wireless Headphones

Far Away Procedure: Wireless headphones offer long array procedure as well as remove the hassles of linking cables. Radio wireless headphones use radio transmission in the array of 100 to 300 feet whereas infrared headphones offer variety around 30 feet. Bluetooth earphones are also available which gives greater freedom of motion as signals could take a trip through wall surfaces and also furniture.
Lightweight & Comfortable: Wireless earphones are really lightweight, comfortable to wear and really hassle-free to use. They likewise have remarkable battery life and a few of them are also immediately rechargeable. They are excellent for those that spend a whole lot of time on their headphones.

Sound Filtering: The special noise terminating wireless headphones get rid of the loud disturbances from the setting and also are fairly helpful to remain focused and also focused. They help to kick back and also have the ability to remain in one's very own globe while hearing songs, conversing, taking a trip or seeing tv.

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ROC Sport Superslim Wireless In-ear Headphones by Monster Review

ROC Sport Superslim Wireless In-ear Headphones by Monster is an excellent addition to its extended family of good headphones that guarantees a great music experience with convenience.

MEE Audio Runaway 4.0 AF32 Headphone Review


The RUNAWAY 4.0 AF32 STEREO BLUETOOTH WIRELESS HEADPHONES WITH HIDDEN MICROPHONE have a range of 30 feet. You can easily pair them with your smartphone, tablet or any device with Bluetooth.

Sound Quality

The RUNAWAY 4.0 AF32 STEREO BLUETOOTH WIRELESS HEADPHONES WITH HIDDEN MICROPHONE give excellent sound clarity. They have a full range dynamic sound; the bass is deep and enhanced.They also deliver the right amount of bass.
You can play them loudly, and they still sound good.
They also work well with different kinds of music. They’ve equipped the ear pads with neodymium magnets which deliver an exhilarating listening experience.

Audio Technica ATH-DSRBT Wireless Headphone Review

Sound Quality

The advanced technology employed in this headset produces quality sound. Its engineering design in creating music is modernistic, which you can’t find in any other headsets on the market. The drivers, chipset, and luxury memory-foam ear pads components are killer features of this headset. Its acoustic resistor and sound control are exceptional. It minimizes resonance and transient response for smooth, natural, and well-balanced audio.

Design and Build

This over-ear headset is comfortable to wear for those people who love to combine technology and fashion. The design is modernistic but respectful of the traditional over-ear headphones. It brings back a nostalgic style, yet keeps you abreast with this millenia’s art and design.
This headphone is easy to use with its touch controls for music playback, volume switch, managing calls.

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Beyerdynamic Byron BTA Headphone Review

Sound Quality

The lows are soothing to the ears but overshadow the mids. The mids and highs are well-balanced. Overall sound quality for this wireless headphone is warm.
This model is the perfect pair for people that want to indulge themselves by listening to good music on great headphones.

Design and Build

We have to admit; the Beyerdynamic has always been minimalistic when it comes to the design of their headphones. So, we can expect the same from Byron BTA wireless. The company would always favor functionality over how the product would look.

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Top 5 Waterproof Wireless Headphones

In choosing the right Bluetooth headphones, nothing beats the above-mentioned waterproof headphones.   

These extraordinary Bluetooth headphones have IPX ratings and are built to survive extreme water activities.

The 6 Best Wireless Headphones For Snowboarding

Snowboarding takes your adrenaline to a whole new level. It’s a great outdoor activity that allows you to appreciate the beauty of nature. You get that rush feeling that makes you feel alive.
Some people love to snowboard while listening to music. It helps them to keep moving. They feel the adrenaline rush even more with their favorite tunes playing. If you’re one of those people, you’ll need a pair of wireless headphones while out snowboarding the local mountain resort.

The Top 6 Wireless Headphones Under $20

20 bucks? Can you buy a headphone with that?
Getting a decent pair of wireless headphones for less than 20 bucks isn’t a fairy tale no more! If you browse on online stores, you can get a vast selection of these incredibly low-priced headphones.
Honestly, one should expect a durable, top quality wireless headphone to be expensive but it’s surely worth its price. However, if you know what you’re searching for and buy wisely, you’d definitely find good quality wireless headphones under 20 bucks. It’s better to be practical when it comes to spending.
We want to help ease your burden of choosing the right wireless headphone for your budget. So, we’ve gathered a few wireless headphones under 20 which offer decent audio performance.
Surely, you won’t regret buying them.

The 5 Best Wireless Headphones For Drummers

Most people probably don’t have an idea why drummers use headphones. While you’re enjoying loud music during concerts, drummers might be having a little hard time listening to the drumbeats on stage.
Drummers are exposed to different audio set which gives them several challenges while playing. Headphones can serve as an aid to drummers to help them listen to their sounds.
Sounds produced by drums are focused compared to other instruments being played. This allows the drummer to hear and play their music better.
Specialized wireless headphones for drummers offer multiple purposes. These headphones are equipped with an impressive noise-isolating feature that muffles background noise efficiently. This feature helps drummers protect their ears against the loud drum sounds and noise.

The Top 5 Wireless Headphones That Look Like Earplugs

Tired of earbuds falling off your ears?
Technology is gradually putting an end to the shackles of cumbersome wires. We can enjoy wire-free music listening with the wireless headphones and earphones available in the market.
However, one of the commonly encountered problems when it comes to wireless headphones is their fit in the ears. As we browse over a vast selection of wireless earphones, they are some earbuds that resemble earplugs.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphone Review

Design and Build

The Bose QuietComfort 35 is designed for people who have an understated palette. They’re almost the same as other Bose headphones. These headphones are made from premium materials, which makes them lightweight. They only weigh 234g, yet they’re stiff.
The earcups’ outer shell is made of metal, and the frame and headbands are made up of plastic. It’s all covered in faux-leather. They also give you a hard case that your wireless headphones can easily fit into.
These wireless headphones deserve to have the term ‘Comfort’ in the name. They’re such comfortable headphones due to the premium materials.
The buttons are right on top of the earcup on the right. The buttons for controlling the volume are also on the side. This model has the multifunction button that lets you play or pause music, accept calls, and initiate voice commands.

The 7 Best Wireless Earbuds Under $100

Most of us love to incorporate music into our lives. Music makes us express our sentiments and takes our soul off our inconveniences. It motivates and carries us away from loneliness and boredom.
Some people treat music like coffee – can’t start anything without it! Thankfully, the modern age has provided us means of having the best listening experience through wireless technologies. Gone are the days of bulky and fiddly headphones. You can get the best music convenience from portable devices and comfortable earbuds.
Presently, you see a vast collection of these bad boys that have the perfect mix of comfort, active noise cancellation, and quality sound. If you’re up to sacrifice a little budget, you can get the best wireless earbuds under 100 bucks.
Love to have the best music experience but on a shoestring budget?

The 5 Best Wireless Headphones For The Office

Best Wireless Headphones for the Office

Among all considerations, the wireless connectivity, comfort, and high-quality audio are among the dealbreakers in choosing the best headphones for office. And among all choices, these 5 made it to the cut.

Audio Technica ATH-SPORT4BK Review

The ATH-SPORT4BK model is a practical headset that’s worth your money. Tagged as ATH-SPORT4BK SonicSport in-ear headphones, this neophyte of Audio Technica roars extra challenge and adventures. If you are keen on sports and adventures, this headset fits you.

Music Quality

SPORT4BK SonicSport in-ear headphones are known for their outstanding resonance and sounds. Bass and treble are pleasing to listening ears.
It soothes every sports enthusiast and the quality is evident. You’ll hear every lyric with sheer gusto.

Monster ISport Freedom Wireless Headphone Review

Design and Build

The iSport Freedom On-Ear Headphones can be used comfortably by active users since it’s resistant to water and sweat.
The ear cushions are designed to be soft and are also antimicrobial. You can easily clean it with the cleaning cloth provided. When used at night, the reflective trim makes them more visible.
Skipping and playing/pausing tracks, as well as volume adjustments, are made easier with iSport Freedom On-Ear Headphones’ intelligible on-ear controls.